Our Indoor environment offers a light, bright and cheery room with plenty of natural light. We make full use of every nook and cranny, converting every available inch into an interesting area for play and learning. Here are some highlights



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We have a fabulous outdoor learning environment which is large, child focussed and provides many opportunities for challenge, risk-taking and social development.Our main aim is to provide an environment which promotes a love and deep appreciation for nature and the environment. We believe that children will grow a true appreciation for nature and it’s elements by playing, nurturing  and working outdoors. Some examples of this learning include:

Our Water Course

water course group water course 2

Our digging patch

mud 1 digging patch 3

Our veggie patch

strawberries vegie 2 vegie 1

Our Chooks

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Our sensory, sustainable garden and gazebo

gazebo gardening

Our outdoor learning environment is always changing and evolving. We provide children with play spaces to inspire imaginative and dramatic play experiences. Here are some examples of how we utilise our learning environment.

Bush Kindy – Bushland Park

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Muddy Puddles Kitchen


bugs-8392    frogs-7862  bugs-9280        frogs-7237        frogs-7349                               frogs-7528 bugs-8361

Hidey Hole


Vertical garden