Our aim is to provide an environment which supports children to develop and learn at their own pace.  As educators we constantly monitor children’s progress through a variety of methods and then program for learning around children’s needs and interests. We report children’s progress to parents in a range of ways
(see Assessment for Learning policy).

Learning Journey Books

We value parents and acknowledge their role as the primary educators in their child’s life. With this in mind, we aim to gather as much information about their child’s likes, needs, interests, learning styles etc upon enrolment and through the initial creation of each child’s ‘Learning Journey’ book. Learning Journey Books go home with children at least once per term. This book is a fabulous way in which we share information about each child’s development and successes. The book is interactive and we encourage parents to add photos, comments and artwork to commemorate the wonderful learning and development that happens outside kindy hours. Through this book we also report based on using the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) Learning Outcomes as well as the Literacy and Numeracy indicators.