“My boys have had the time of their lives at Lobethal Kindy.  The opportunities afforded them in their play have been amazing, with indoor and outdoor adventures to be had every day. The kids are encouraged to pursue their curiosity, and this makes them so engaged with the program.  The staff not only care deeply about the welfare and education of the children, but they genuinely feel joy at being around them, and that makes for a beautifully happy and optimistic environment.  And whilst it looks like ‘play central’ at kindy, and it is, nothing is done without careful planning and theoretical grounding, so I know my kids are not only having a great time, but are getting a great start to their educational journey.”

Jacci - Parent

“Lobethal kindy is the perfect place for children to start their learning adventure. Nurtured with love, laughter and creative insight, the energetic staff team share a passion to achieve a happy experience for each and every child.”

Paulette and Brett - Parents

“Lobethal Kindy was such a fun and engaging learning environment. The staff are so nurturing, passionate and enthusiastic, my son just thrived there. We cannot wait to be there again with our second child.”

Pamela - Parent

“Our time at Lobethal kindy has been such an amazing experience. the staff are such wonderful people who are passionate, caring and clearly LOVE their job! We really felt that it was an extension of our own home and we loved being part of this cool little kindy community. Thank you Lobethal kindy for giving our son, Tyson such a great start to his education.”

Lauren and Matt Bleby - Parents

“Lobethal Kindy is such a fantastic, caring kindy. We couldn’t have been happier with the experiences and education our child received”

Susan - Parent

“We were just blown away with the quality of the program”

Sallie - Parent

“Outstanding quality of service delivery. Staff go above and beyond to provide an amazing kindy program. I love the fact there’s such a variety of indoor and outdoor activities to cater for every child”

Emma - Parent

“We are very happy with the learning, culture and community at Lobethal Community Kindergarten”

Rebecca - Parent

“Lobethal kindy have a very caring and highly motivated team of staff that strive to give our children the best kindy experience possible”

Haylie - Parent