Governing Council

The kindergarten is managed by a Governing Council – basically comprised of a group of parents.

An Annual General Meeting is held in February each year to elect the Governing Council for the following year.
This group:
• manages the centre’s finances
• makes sure the grounds, buildings and equipment are maintained
• sets priorities for improvements
• sets policy for change and future directions
• represents the interests of all users of the centre’s services – playgroup, pre-entry and kindergarten.
The Governing Council is comprised of parents with little or no committee experience, but who are wiling to ‘give it a go’ and learn as they go. New members may join at any time (positions permitting) by simply attending the next meeting. Meetings are held twice a term and are advertised in newsletters and on the notice board near the kindergarten front entrance.

2016 Governing Council Members:

Co Chairperson Kel Boyle

Jacci Parsons

Finance Officer (LCK employee) Ness Curry

Assistant Secretary

April Vanderaa

Olivia Green

Fundraising Coordinator Summer Green
Recycling Coordinator Daniel Bailey
General Council Member Suzie Georgiou
General Council Member Clare Christophers
General Council Member Jess Hartas
General Council Member Tiffany Sklenar
General Council Member Kylie Shearing