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Nature Connect is Lobethal Community Kindergartens off site bush Kindy Program. The pilot program was launched with outdoor kindy week being held at Bushland Park in Term 2, 2015, and continues with weekly full day sessions being held in the park. Building strong, sustainable reciprocal relationships with families, local community groups, children, staff and the park itself are seen as intergral to the program. Handbook can be found by clicking in the BUSH KINDY HANDBOOK link under the reports tab.

Our 2017 program which will launch in week 1 of term 2 will be structured with each group (frogs and bugs) spending one full day in the bush a fortnight. Now that we are back to full time, this will have full time staff at the park one day a week. We are looking forward to getting back out into the bush, connecting to the places and spaces with a new group of children. The depth of learning and connection to our world this adds to our nature based program is amazing.

Nature Connect 2016 – the journey continues

One of the things we love most about our Nature Play journey is the fact that it is an ever evolving program. It is responsive to the diverse needs of each group involved in thier own step of the journey. Through reflective practice, and open communication with all stakeholders, we strive to always stretch ourselves as educators, challenge our children and ourselves, and provide
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{Nature Connect} Let’s build a shelter

The first of our weekly full day bush kindy sessions was held on Tuesday 8th June.   We are constantly amazed by the number of ways that children become totally immersed in a rich variety of meaningful learning experiences at every session and it would be impossible to share them all with you. Through these blog posts, we will share snippets of our days in the bush.  Little
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Nature Connect, Bush Kindy … the journey begins for the bugs group

After already spending two days in the bush, staff were comfortable and excited to welcome the bugs group to our home base on Wednesday morning.   Their excitement and enthusiasm was evident as they milled around the fire after slipping on their red I.D vests, and cooked toast, chatted, and socialised to start the day.    We always suspected the launch of the program with outdoor
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Nature Connect – Frogs’ First Week. The Beginning..

When we first thought about our Nature Connect Programme we knew it would be amazing and challenging and full of possibilities.  We were full of anticipation about what the week might hold, and excited to take our little people to the bush, but I don’t think any of us were fully aware of just what an awesome experience we would have – or how
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